Schedule: Final Exams

Schedule: Formative Greeting a Visitor                 Tuesday, November 30

8:30 Pierre
8:33 Alain
8:36 Julia
8:39 Jessica
8:42 Catherine
8:45 Régis
8:48 Dominique
8:51 Noémie
8:53 Stéphanie Giguère
8:56 Sabrina
8:59 Annie
9:02 Stéphanie Hamel
9:05 Caroll Ann
9:08 Vicky
9:11 Vanessa
9:14 Jason

Schedule: Formative, Handling a Complaint – Thursday, December 2

8:30 Jason
8:33 Vanessa
8:36 Vicky
8:39 Caroll Ann
8:42 Stéphanie Hamel
8:45 Annie
8:48 Sabrina
8:51 Stéphanie Giguère
8:53 Noémie
8:56 Dominique
8:59 Régis
9:02 Catherine
9:05 Jessica
9:08 Julia
9:11 Alain
9:14 Pierre

Schedule: Summative – Greeting a Visitor: Thursday, December 9

8:30 Pierre
8:33 Alain
8:36 Julia
8:39 Jessica
8:42 Catherine
8:45 Régis
8:48 Dominique
8:51 Noémie
8:53 Stéphanie Giguère
8:56 Sabrina
8:59 Annie
9:02 Stéphanie Hamel
9:05 Caroll Ann
9:08 Vicky
9:11 Vanessa
9:14 Jason

Schedule: Summative – Handling a Complaint

Order*: Formative, Handling a Complaint – Exam Week*

*Date and time to be announced by the administration in Early December

Caroll Ann
Stéphanie Hamel
Stéphanie Giguère


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Answers: Present and Past Tense Practice (18-11-2010)

Exercise 7

  1. is
  2. are dropping
  3. are rising
  4. is becoming
  5. do we really have?
  6. say
  7. holds (non-action verb)
  8. represents
  9. are running out (now!)
  10. are getting ready (now!)
  11. are pushing
  12. are trying
  13. are examining
  14. are thinking
  15. are worried
  16. want

Exercise 8

  1. is doing
  2. think
  3. are not
  4. are becoming
  5. are trying
  6. is investing
  7. are providing
  8. are we doing this?
  9. not only want
  10. is growing

Exercise 10

  1. am writing
  2. am sitting
  3. is shining
  4. is jogging
  5. are staying
  6. is (not just now: this is a fact!)
  7. arrived (simple past – specific time)
  8. got up (specific time)
  9. saw
  10. had
  11. didn’t go (on Monday – definite time in the past)
  12. was
  13. took
  14. were waiting (long action with the short action ‘took’)
  15. didn’t want
  16. decided
  17. were walking (long action)
  18. ran (short action)
  19. were standing
  20. screamed
  21. arrested
  22. told
  23. knew
  24. spent
  25. saw

Exercise 11

  1. come
  2. are
  3. have become aware (present perfect because we are counting how many (many) and it is possible that more people will continue to become aware…)
  4. are looking (now!)
  5. is (simple present: fact)
  6. pay
  7. goes
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Complaint Pad Answers

Filling out the Complaint Pad-_ANSWERS

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Summative Oral Presentations

Schedule: Summative Oral  Presentations

Reminder: Your outline is due on Thursday, November 18.

Tuesday, November 23 Subject
Jason V How to resolve a conflict
Vanessa M How to get a promotion
Vicky L How to prevent burnout
Caroll-Ann L How to hire staff in a restaurant
Mélanie L How to manage employee performance
Stéphanie H How to lead a team
Annie G How to find a work-life balance
Sabrina G How to use of effective sales techniques
Thursday, November 25
Stéphanie G How to survive your first day at work
Noémie F How to motivate employees
Dominique D How to use positive thinking at work
Régis D How to start a business
Catherine D How to do successful teamwork
Jessica C How to interview employees
Julia C How to make an effective visual support
Alain C How to do advertising / publicity
Pierre B How to make a career change
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Answers: Future and Future Time Clause Review

Unit 6 Workbook Answers

Unit 6B Workbook Answers

Unit 7 Workbook Answers

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Answers: Present Perfect Packet

(Brass Tacks Grammar)

Exercise 2

Dear Ginger,

How have you been lately? I have missed you so much since you went away. Have you seen any of your old friends yet? Have you gone to any of your old haunts yet? Nothing has been the same here since you left. I have haven’ t been able to get you out of my mind! I have walked all over town looking for faces that remind me of you , but I haven’t found anybody, yet, who has green eyes as lovely as yours. So far, you are the only woman I have ever loved. Please come back soon. I know that you haven’t been away for long, but I can’t take it anymore. I need you.

Love, Eddy

Exercise 3

1. for    2. ago   3. for   4. since   5. for    6. since   7. ago   8. since   9. for   10. since

Exercise 4

1. …got engaged / they have been engaged since the party.

2. came to Canada… he has been in Canada for a few months (note that we use “to with movement – come, go – an “in” when someone is already in a place).

3. met / they have known each other for ages

4. entered / we have been in our seats since 12:30.

Exercise 5

1. I saw a robber (yesterday = simple past)

2. I’ve ever seen (could change = present perfect)

3. for many years (for = period of time)

4. have always treated me well (present perfect with participle (treated)

5. the sweetest child that I have ever seen (present perfect = could change)

6. haven’t finished my homework yet (could change)

7. Walter graduated …(definite time, “last” = simple past

8. Margaret has been a secretary for twenty years. (for = present perfect = she still is)

9. I saw Karen’s baby = two weeks ago = definite time = simple past

10. Sally has tried … (she is still trying = present perfect)

Class Exercise

1. Judy has been in this town for almost twenty years. I moved here one year ago. I met Judy in an art class that I took last summer. When the course was over I invited Judy for a coffee. We have been friends ever since.

2. My landlord, Mr. Selzer, knows Judy. He has known Judy for many years. He taught Judy when she was in high school. Sh was a very bad student, according to Mr. Selzer. Judy often missed her math class when she was in high school.

3. Judy hasn’t seen Mr Selzer for many years. She never comes to my apartment building because she doesn’t want to see her old math teacher. Last week, we met at the Café Santropol. After drinking some coffee, we went to the Palace Theater.

4. At first, I didn’t like this town but now that I have been here for one year, I have learned to love this place.

Exercise 6

1. Alfred has married many women. He married Rosa in 1992.

2. Rosa has eaten in every restaurant on Fifth Avenue. Rosa and I ate at the Blue Lagoon Restaurant last New Year’s Eve.

3. My brother has met several famous people. My brother met Bob Dylan at a theater in 1984.

4. Lately my girlfriend and I have had trouble communicating. Just last week my girlfriend threw a pillow at me.

5. Daniel and Julia have had at least twenty fights. Daniel is a big drinker. He has tried to quit drinking several times. At the moment he doesn’t drink. He has been on the wagon for about three weeks.

6.Mr. and Mrs. Arnold have been to New York twice. Have you ever thought about visiting New York?

7. I think Robin has acted in over fifteen movies. I went to his latest movie last Saturday. I read that he has appeared in several television shows.

Exercise 7<

1. Kevin has been a working artist for over ten years, but he has never been able to support himself by selling his paintings. He has produced a lot of excellent work, and he has exhibited in several galleries in both Montreal and New York.

2. Kevin received a scholarship to study at an art college in Vancouver two years ago. As soon as he got the money, he immediately flew to Vancouver. After his arrival, while he was searching for a cheap appartment, he met a girl called Holly. Holly found a room for Kevin in the rooming house where she lives. Kevin has lived in that rooming house ever since.

3. I have never met Holly. According to Kevin, Holly has skin the color of macaroni., hair the color of golden honey, and she is from ….One day Kevin noticed that a photograph on Terry’s dresser. In the photo, Holly was standing next to a man. The mans muscled, tatooed arm was around Holly.

4. Kevin asked Holly who the man was. Holly told Kevin that the man is her brother, Frank…Frank has been the mayor of the town for several years. About four years ago, a doctor removed Frank’s tatoo with a laser.


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Summative Oral Presentation Topics

Caroll-Anne: How to choose a new employee

Annie: Manage home life and Works life.

Vicky: Prevent a burnout

Jessica: how to  interview employees

Catherine: How to do succesful team work.

Stéphanie: Lead a Team

Mélanie: Performance Management Processes

Vanessa: How to Get a Promotion

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About our Formative Oral Presentations

I want to reiterate a few points about our FORMATIVE oral presentations.


1.      Your outline is due on Tuesday, October 26

Here is a sample format for your outline. You do not have to follow this exactly: use a format that works for you.



Thesis statement (Purpose of presentation): Being a Production Assistant at Harpo Studios would be my dream job for the following reasons: the opportunities for growth and daily tasks, the different people I could work with and famous people I could meet, the incredible benefits, and working for Oprah Winfrey.


I.                    Opportunities for Growth & Daily Tasks

a.      Subpoint supporting main point

b.      Subpoint supporting main point

c.       Subpoint supporting main point


II.                  Working with Different People & Meeting Famous People

a.      Subpoint supporting main point

b.      Subpoint supporting main point

c.       Subpoint supporting main point


III.                Incredible Benefits

a.      Subpoint supporting main point

b.      Subpoint supporting main point

c.       Subpoint supporting main point


IV.                Working for Oprah Winfrey

a.      Subpoint supporting main point

b.      Subpoint supporting main point

c.       Subpoint supporting main point


Conclusion: Brief wrap-up of main points.


2.      Here is a schedule for our oral presentations. We are going in alphabetical order for the formative presentations; we will follow reverse alphabetical order for the summative presentation.


Schedule: Formative Presentation


Nov 2. Pierre, Alain, Julia, Jessica
Nov. 4 Régis, Catherine, Dominique, Noémie
Nov. 9 Stéphanie H, Stéphanie G., Sabrina, Mélanie
Nov. 11 Carol-Anne, Vicky, Vanessa, Jason


3. A reminder about the visual support. You are required to have a basic visual support. This does not have to be a powerpoint presentation. It does not have to be elaborate or complicated. Please speak to me about this if you have any questions!


Some ideas for your visual support:


1.       Powerpoint presentation

2.       Pictures (slideshow of digital photos or large photos you can hold up or pass around

3.       Real objects

Again, if you have any other ideas please don’t be shy to send me an email or ask me in person.

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Answers: Vocabulary Quiz Practice

Review quiz vocab pp–ANSWERS

Unit 20.1

1. Who wrote

2. was

3. OKAY, or cut


5. developed


7. bought


9. Did you visit?

10. OKAY

11. OKAY, or took

12. didn’t eat / wasn’t


1. I have been sick twice so far this year.

2. How many times were you sick last year.

3. I haven’t drunk any coffee so far today.

4. How many times have you been late this week.

5. How many games did the team win last season?

6. How many games has the team won this season?


1. worked

2. has lived

3. have been married

4. was

5. has been

6. never met

7. have never met

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Crossword Answers

Ordering Billing (137)-ANSWERS

Experience Education (144) answers

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